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Impact Kerambit Self Defense Tool
Impact Kerambit Self Defense Tool
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The Impact Kerambit is an extremely low-profile device that looks to the uninformed to simply be an odd-looking L-shaped piece of plastic. However, to the user, once you slip your index finger through the ring and grasp it, you have a devastating self-defense device in your hand.

It can be taken anywhere since its real purpose is completely unknown, which makes it ideal for air travel or areas in which guns or knives are banned. The Kerambit's ring and the tip of the L-shaped section are designed to put your wrist at its strongest natural angle. You may strike full force against any part of your attacker's body, even bone, without fear of hurting your knuckles or wrist. The bottom edge provides for full-force backhanded blows and is also a great blocking tool that while in the process of blocking can also disable the offending limb.

Due to its unique design, you need never let go of the Kerambit, even when grasping, pulling, or controlling your attacker.

In addition to this it is also a travel wrench with 4 hex keys built into the handle for extra concealment and added use when needed.

  • Constructed of lightweight indestructible plastic.
  • Sized to fit in a pocket, or can be carried in a special holster.
  • Color: black.
  • Length: 9"
  • Made in the USA
  • (1) Impact Kerambit Self Defense Tool

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